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Tue, Oct 6, 2020 3:00 PM

Why is Peacock still loaded with commercials for X1 Customers?

I have done  all of the things asked to sign in properly for Peacock Premium, as an X1 customer, and at the beginning iof each show I'm greeted with the self-congratulatiry "just one  commercial" announcement. And then there are a half doxen or more commercials and multiple breaks in the show.  How do you get "Premium" to act like Premium?



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7 m ago

There are 3 levels of Peacock:

  • Peacock (free, ads)
  • Peacock Premium (more content, $4.99/mo, ads, included with a number of Comcast packages)
  • Peacock Premium Plus (additional $5/mo over Premium, "fewer ads")



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