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Where do reminders go once after their start time?

When I set a reminder---say for 10:00pm, how do I find that reminder at 10:05pm.  Wnen I press the Xfinity button on my remote and go to "Scheduled" it only shows reminders starting at 11:00pm.  I would assume the reminder would remain "active" until the END of the program the reminder is set to.  So in my example above, if it's a 1/2 hour show, I would assume the reminder would be "active" until 10:30 and if it's an hour-long show, then the reminder would be "active" until 11:00.  But it seems to disappear one minute after the show begins (10:01).   But that makes no sense so I must be doing something wrong.  But I can't figure out what.

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23 days ago

Hey there user_fdfgzu, I love that you're using on of the really cool X1 features, I know we make that platform as versatile as possible. Scheduled Reminders will only display the next 14-days worth of reminders. So, once a reminder has passed, it will no longer be visible. This Link can provide more insight into this feature. Other than reminders, were there any other features, or services you really enjoy or had your eye on? 


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