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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 9:00 AM

Weird Skip Issue While Watching Sports Recordings.

Let me say up front that this is not an issue I feel need to be corrected. I just think it's really weird and wonder if anyone else has seen it. The issue only happens when watching recordings of sporting events. So, let's say I'm watching an NFL game. After the whistle on each play I, ususally, hit the 30-sec skip and get to the next play. Four or five times a game when I hit the skip it will go to the beginning of the recording. If I let it go, it'll play from there right to the end of the recording. Here's where it gets really weird. If I hit skip again it will skip back to the original point in the program like nothing happend. I'm not crazy as this has been happening for years. Am I the only one who's ever seen this?





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6 m ago

I have the exact same issue.  Have had it for a while.  Drives me nuts.


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6 m ago

I have a different issue with sports...If I am going up and back between recorded games, sometimes the recording reverts back to the start no matter how far along I was when I had previously viewed it.


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6 m ago

Hi @jayfish

Thanks for using the Forum to share your experience. I've never experienced this myself, but I have helped customers who reported similar issues. Typically skipping, freezing, or pixelated pictures/recordings are generally caused by signal or frequency issues. I'd be happy to check yours or others @tbill1and @Anon208534who's accounts to see if I can help isolate a cause for your issue. Just send me a private message, click on my name, "ComcastChe," and then click send a message. Please include your first and last name and address. 



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