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Sunday, January 15th, 2023 11:02 PM

TV will not connect to WIFI

One of our tv’s will not connect to the WiFi. Technician was out here on Jan 7th and told us our gateway modem and tv boxes needed to be replaced. He went out to his truck and replaced the gateway, but he could not get the tv in question connected to wifi and ordered 2 tv boxes.  He said it was easy to connect the tv boxes but also said if we had trouble to each out to him and he would come back to our place and do it for us. Well the boxes came and we tried to connect the tv to WiFi but it would not connect. Called xfinity to help 3 TImes at least over the next week, and NO one could help to get this connected. Have no faith that they can get this done. Supposedly a technician is coming to our place to get this rectified tonight. Does anyone have any feedback here that may shed some light as to what the issue may be… really unsatisfied consumer here

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9 days ago

@user_b6b7e5 Thank you for reaching out via our Xfinity Forums. I am sorry that you are having issues with that one tv and new cable box. I would be happy to look into this with you if needed. How did things go with your tech visit? 


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9 days ago

"shed some light as to what the issue may be"

Sure.  What is the model number on the gateway they threw in, the cable boxes, and what are the TV models?

If it is an X1 wireless cable box, the TV doesn't connect to the cable box via WiFi.  It uses the HDMI port, so your TV needs one, you need an HDMI cable, you have to select the right HDMI input on your TV, and the cable box needs to be in range of your gateway to work right.  If it's another type of cable box, it uses MoCA and coax, and and still needs an HDMI cable to your TV.




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2 days ago

This happened to me and I had to manually add the network information in the TV settings to connect to WiFi. That information should automatically be added when you connect the TV to your network the first time. For some reason, after several years of it working fine, it stopped connecting to the network. When I was troubleshooting the problem, I noticed the the DNS servers information was showing zeros. When I changed it back to what it should be, it connected right away. I also noticed many other customers having connection issues with their Smart TV's for a variety of reasons. I remember it took a few weeks to figure it out. There are many helpful Xfinity customers who have posted about this issue with solutions that worked for them. I have never had a Xfinity employee suggest a solution that worked for me for anything, and that is after 20 years of doing business with them. They always tell you to restart your tv box/tv/router, etc., even when you tell them you have done that already multiple times. Good l;uck!

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