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Fri, Apr 3, 2020 8:00 AM

TV service freezes 10 to 20 times a day

I have Xfinity internet, phone, TV.  I have a new Sony Bravia HDTV.  It constantly freezes (15 - 20 times a day) and the screen goes blank(not always).  I unplug the TV box.  It does not help.  I call Xfinity and have them reboot from their end.  It only helps a short time.   I had a technician at the house and he could find nothing wrong.  He did inform me of the handshake problem between Sony Bravia software and Xfinity X1 software.  I tested this several times by having a Samsung TV and The Sony Bravia in different rooms.  I was in one room; my husband in the other.   The Sony TV froze 4 times in a period of 20 minutes.   The Samsung did not freeze at all.  Also, when I watch Netflix via my smart TV not Xfinity service, it does not freeze.   

I am sick of this constant problem.  Each company blames the other.  I am about ready to buy a Samsung TV but the Sony Bravia is new and we paid a lot for it.  Xfinity has clout and should work with Sony to FIX THIS PROBLEM.



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1 y ago

If you have a handshake issue with a certain brand, you can’t compare 2 different manufacturers. If you think it’s something else switch locations of the 2 boxes and see if the actions follow the boxes.

Netflix on your smart tv and through the X1 boxes are again 2 different sources, that can’t be compared

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