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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 9:00 AM

TV on wireless cable box does not work after no overnight use.

(I previously posted this on non X1 service, but think it may belong here.)

I have wireless TV box. Newly installed. TV works fine throughout the day. Can turn on and off.  In mornig, after no overnight use, TV does not work.  Screen goes black when turn TV on.  If reset TV box get msg "You've caught us in the middle of a quick household update." Guide button works, but cannot click on station; XFinity button works and can navigate Saved and On Demand.  Wifi works. Must reset modem/router (unplug and replug) to get TV to work.  I have a 2nd wireless TV box and have a similar problem with that TV, but the box is unpluged for now while I try to track this problem. 


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