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Sat, Jan 11, 2020 11:00 AM

Trying to get pixeling to stop, my box turns off and also gives PST, S1 S1, CAST errors on it.

Trying to get pixeling to stop i ended up finding more problems.  I replaced my cable wires with  commercial ones based on a pdf from xfinity.  When i get to my DVR i noticed it lost power.  I could hear the fan or hard drive stop.


I replaced the cable plugged everything back in and propped the box with a coaster to make it stay powered.  Had xfinity do it's automated X1 servicing.  When the box rebooted i touched the back of the box and it flipped off.


The trouble really started when i tried to get support online.  I kept trying to search on support and i get window after window pop up but it never took me to any results.  I really don't know if they are sending me a replacement or not but i feel like it's the power port on the box.


They really need to fix their site support.  Am i alone here or is this been the issue with anyone else.  Has anyone had the power issue possibly.  


All my shows are on this DVR but i feel like replacing it is only options.  I can't live through their website support again.  I'd rather just watch tv on my iphone 6s...


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1 y ago

Those listed errors are all connection errors, can give you a description of how your cable setup(splitters,amps etc). It may not be the box

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