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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 11:10 PM

Streaming Only Cable?

​Does Xfinity offer streaming only Cable through wireless boxes? ​

​I am on my 4th DVR Box and the fan in it is very loud. It is a XG1-A aka XG1v3.​

​Box # 1 - XG1v4 - replaced to try to solve audio issues.​

​Box # 2 - XG1v4 sent to replace box # 1. But audio issues continued. ​

​Box # 3 - XG1v3 PACE version. Screen falling out of the front. Wouldn't boot or load. Returned to the store. ​

​Box #4 - Arris XG1v3 -  Works fine, but fan is very loud inside the box. Great condition compare to Box #2 and #3. ​

​Why is the fan so audible in this model?​

​ ​

​I have audio issues that seem to have no solution. So I think I want to cut the cable cord and go with streaming TV. ​

​I pay $290 a month and I am getting recycled garbage boxes. Some of them have visible dirt and disgust on them. ​

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