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Thu, Jun 24, 2021 2:53 AM

Still no solution for pairing XR-15 Remote to Konka 43u55A series: INSURMOUNTABLE

Yes, I have an INSURMOUNTABLE problem that even all the brains at Xfinity cannot solve.

Pairing my XR-15 to my Konka 43u55A TV. The TV is six months old. The codes the remote has stored, or the cable box, whatever, do not work when I selected "Konka" in response to "What brand is your TV?" I entered over 30 different KONKA codes directly, and none of those codes work, either.

In short, I have one problem that Xfinity cannot solve.

Two weeks now and I am back to using two remotes. Very, very annoying, since my TV remote is black and I can't see it in the dark.

Insurmountable. Unsolvable.

Unless there is someone out there smarter than I, please feel free to comment.

Yes, I put in a trouble call, and no response. That was a week ago.

Yes, a technical "expert" came out and was stumped, as was his boss.

Yes, this feature is very important as I have had it before with my Panasonic TV for 15 years.

I've been a Xfinity customer since 2006, and maybe I have just run my course.

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Hello, @RunningBear1961, I hope my reply reaches you at a good time. I sincerely apologize for the trouble getting your Konka TV paired with your XR-15. If you have tried 30 codes, had a tech come out, and walked through the step’s multiple times, there's a chance the remote may not work with your TV. I know this is not the best news but sometimes this can be the answer. A universal remote particularly the XR-15 is versatile and works on almost all make and model TV's. There are those one-off situations when the remote may just not have the codes needed to operate your TV. Have you tried replacing the remote with another one? You can pick one up at an Xfinity store or we can mail one to you. This link can help you find a store and schedule an appointment if this is something you want to try.




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4 m ago

a google search said try codes 11610, 10054, 10178, 10029, 10030, 10019.




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The solution is to use the Iriver brand. I did a FACTORY RESET on my TV (not the cable box), logged in with my google acccount, set up all my channels, and then tried the pairing option once more. THIS TIME, the cable box detected, asking, "Is this TV made my Iriver?" to which I said yes, thinking that it must be a parent of Konka, or a subsidary. I then hit yes, and it worked perfectly!!! Thank God. Now I can use my XR-15 with the Konka 43u55a. Also, I removed all the HDMI cables before I reset the TV, then put them back in, and maybe that had something to do with it.

   So, it wasn't a question of the code, it seemed, there was something about the TV that the cable box could not read before, hence, the non-function.

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