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Friday, September 24th, 2021 1:24 AM


Screen Saver

Very upset that the screen saver doesn't seem to be optional.  I fall asleep with T.V. on...use it as background.  I do not want "music" to listen to.  Also I would have it on all day for my dog to ease his anxiety.  It was the perfect solution for years.  Why can we not shut it off.  The best we can do is delay it 5 hours!  Why isn't there  a choice to turn it off?   This is being forced on me!  It was a function that you have taken away.  Why is it your decision that I have to have a screen saver?  It's my decision. Ive been a Comcast customer 20+ years and I'm ready to pull the plug over this..seriously.  You have taken over control of MY t.v. Hulu Live, or YouTube Live is not going to force a screen saver on me.  You keep taking choices, channels away and all you do is raise your rates. This is not a little's huge.  Get it changed or I'm gone.

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2 years ago

Hi, @trust7. Thank you for your post. There are many customers who utilize this feature daily, and the customizable delays also help a lot. With that said, I know you want to completely disable this feature. I get not having this as an option has not worked out for you which has led to much frustration. We appreciate your 20 years of business and would hate to lose you as a customer. At this time, I don't see we have plans to disable this yet. We will, in the meantime, take all feedback from our customers and listen closely. 




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1 year ago

DISABLE the Screen Saver. Its dumb having it removed. Its clear that alot of people want this Removed. So just Remove it. PUT THE OPTION BACK TO DISABLE AGAIN.

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