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Safe Pause, Private Pause, Secure Pause, Screen Saver

Can Xfinity update documentation? This appears to be a new useful feature in the TV voice commands AI. Pressing the mic button on the Xfinity remote and stating ‘safe pause’ will pause the current program and enter Xfinity’s screen saver mode. It would also be useful if Xfinity could enhance their screen saver to allow disabling for external DVR services as well as add options to permit private screen savers such as family photos or Smithsonian ‘Open Access’ Art. 

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4 months ago

Hi user_xt7o77! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to our team on Forums. We appreciate you being a customer with us and providing this wonderful feedback. This is great information and suggestions, and I will absolutely be getting this passed along to our development team. 


Thanks again! 


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