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Router has to be restarted everyday

Have to restart gateway modem everyday. White light remains on, when it goes out. I swapped the modem yesterday for a new one. It happened again today.  The code on the tv box in another room is the RDK-10000.  When I try to restart it it goes back to the same code.

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1 month ago

user_a38ehp thanks for reaching out today via Community Forums. You have reached the perfect place for assistance with your internet equipment. I know how important working service is so let's dive into these concerns together. We can also address the RDK error code you referenced on your Tv box. Have you already attempted any troubleshooting steps with your equipment thus far, outside of swapping out the modem?

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@XfinityMarcus​ yes I have replace all of the cords and the splitter.  It actually worked for twondays straight as normal once I did that but the third day it was back to turning on the tv and it saying sorry there seems to be some trouble…. RDK-1000.  Everyday since the same thing, I am so frustrated!

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I completely understand where you're coming from @user_a38ehp especially if you must reset your equipment every day. There may be a general signal issue to fix since both services are affected. I recommend using the Xfinity Assistant to troubleshoot your service. It uses some of the same sources we use to resolve issues and the correct system refresh may clear the RDK error. If it doesn't, you can schedule an appointment, which can save valuable time. Especially since there is time between replies on forums. 



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