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Sun, Oct 3, 2021 5:05 PM

Remote pairing

Hello. My remote recently stopped working and when I repaired it it Didn’t control both power on tv and audio on receiver like it did before malfunction.  I have xr11 remote. 

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2 m ago

Same issue with my XR11 remote.  On screen paring (setup button, green light, etc).  Pairs with TV just fine.  Then asks if I also want to pair with audio receiver.  After doing that, the TV power button and the "All Power" button both control the audio receiver.  No longer controls the TV power, just the audio receiver.


Forget the "on screen" method, program it manually.  Look up the codes for your devices.  Press setup button, wait for green light, enter code, test (try next code if fail).  Repeat for all your devices.

I did my TV first, then the audio receiver.  Now, the TV power button works the TV.  The All Power button works both the TV and audio receiver.  The Volume button works the audio receiver.  Perfect.


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