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Thu, Mar 19, 2020 5:00 PM

Re: X1 TV Box Buzzing Sound

I'm having the same issue with the 4k box. It's getting crazy how loud it is.



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1 y ago

Yeah my 4k box is pretty loud

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1 y ago

Swap it out, it should barely make a noise



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1 y ago

@RobertWy wrote:

Do a free exchange at your nearest Xfinity Store if your X1 box makes ANY sound.

is that a green eye single LED DVR? (xg1v4)

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8 m ago

I agree it shouldn't make any noise, but mine makes a buzzing sound too, and yes it is definitely an XG1v4. I had it swapped out and the new one seemed ok for a while, but now this one does the same. I'm not going to a store during the pandemic and the last time I was at the nearest store they didn't have the box for my area (wrong video headend Arris or Cisco I guess). It's a pain to do it by mail because I have to go to a UPS store to return it, plus if I already swapped it and many other people have the same complaint in this and other threads, what's really going on with them?

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