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Sat, Feb 29, 2020 7:00 PM

Re: DVR recordings disappeared

I have had an issue with recordings disappearing since May 2019 for a paid subscription to Willow TV which is a strictly Cricket channel. I have spoken with so many people and the supervisors and their supervisors to the point that I was spending more time on the phone with Comcast “experts “ who did NOT even know about the paid channel existed than watching the channel I was paying for.!!! I had my DVR replaced twice because the technicians thought it was the reason. I would record a match or a highlight or just a portion of a match and by the next day or even the same day, it would be gone! No one knew anything. I was told that there was an issue with the “India” channels. I was told it was an issue with each DVR that I had and had replaced. More often, I was told that they did not know OR that maybe I didn’t know how to record on my DVR!!! I have had Comcast longer than some of the “ experts “ have been alive!! I knew and know more about some of the options available on my DVR than they did. Occasionally, I will record something every once in a while and before the day is done, the recording is gone!! And yes, it happens with other channels too! It has to be the newer DVR equipment that is being used and replaced the equipment that had previously been used. Newer is not always better!!! Still recording and yes, still disappearing; still no explanation from Comcast!!





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