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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 4:00 PM

Re: Cant Access recordings

I have the same issue. At first it happened to the box in my bedroom and then months later it started on the box in my den. All my recordings show up on my main dvr but not on the ones I mentioned above. I've been trying to get this issue fixed for months. I also noticed that as new recordings are saved other recordings disappear. The bedroom & den boxes will only show 7 recordings instead of all that are on the main dvr. Syncing, refreshing nor updating the dvr settings.



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6 m ago

Uh oh, sounds like Comcast's engineer's broke some functionality. Can you confirm if the mobile and web app is affected by this at all or if it is just the boxes? This could help narrow it down to where if it's actually an software issue or if it was caused by a setting changed unintentionally.


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