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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 10:00 PM


My tv is stuck on the "Welcome connecting to your entertainment experience" screen. Then after a few minutes, the screen says "sorry, we're having some trouble" and gives me the option to restart, but whenever I try to restart it just gets stuck on the same welcome screen. I tried to restart the tv box, unplugged and waited a few minutes then plugged back in, and I even tried to restart it on my xfinity account, but it just says that my tv and/or tv box can't be reached. Does anyone know how to fix this?



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@valdezcristina7Welcome to the Xfinity Forums!

From my personal experience its just having issues communicating to xfinity servers. Usually, this is caused by the servers being busy, an outage, signal interfearance etc. Hard to tell. Is this a new installation, and was this a self install? If this is a new installation done via self install, sometimes the boxes will be blocked from activating because it looks suspicious to the servers, (this is from prior experiences calling in and asking for help with the issue) and they can override the Activation block and send you on your merry way, assuming all is well signal wise.
You can call 1800XFINITY if you are still having trouble. You can also chat with an agent on the web if thats easier for you. All you have to do to chat online is go to

and click or tap "Chat with Xfinity".

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