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Thu, Apr 9, 2020 9:00 AM

RDK-03036 - have internet - no cable

Hello, I have been trying to resolve an issue for over one month. 

it seems that my second box on my X1 system is working since i have internet to that TV and access to prime and netflix - but no cable.  
I have the error Code RDK-03036
The Customer Service Rep kept telling me that it was loose wires, but again I have internet - THAT means no loose wires, right?
I just need someone who can assure me that yes dana if you have prime and netflix through your cable box - you have service going to this box. If you have those features and NO cable - then there is an issue with the box and someone at Xfinity should care and send a new one.

First - we had no access to cable and had error messages on both boxes. Finally we had a technician come out and replace the X1 Box - but we were unable to check on the second box. When I did, the second box said RDK-03036. I called and arranged a call back. Probably tried 5 times for this route over several weeks. I know that they are busy, but at this point, I have already arranged for a technician and spent hours dialing and arranging call backs - I am paying good money and spending time on a service that I should have.   I usually defend Xfinity due to their reliable internet - but this is totally unacceptable.  I was told I would get a credit for the days without service - NOPE - who do you even complain to.  I know they don't need me as a customer - I just didn't realize how much they would scam me when I actually needed help.   They keep telling me its loose wires, not the box - they will not send a technician during Covid19 - but if it turns out to be the box when all this clears up- they won't charge me for the visit. 1. Please help.  2. Are there better providors in the State of Washington.


1. I don't want to be charged for the box until that visit. 2. I would like a technical person to answer - how come i can get netflix and prime on that TV - transmitted via cable - but not TV - it sure seems to me that the wires are tight enough. 



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2 y ago

Netflix and Prime are coming from different sources (cloud) then the cable portion (main box). That error means the main box and this box aren’t communicating, could be loose wires anywhere, faulty splitter, faulty box

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