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About 2 weeks ago we started having issues with our TV reception. Freezing, pixelating, losing its connection to Xfinity. Many restarts and checking cable connections later I decided it must be the cable box – an old X1 unit that we had been using for around 7 years.

I exchanged it at the Xfinity store for a new X2 box with the voice remote last Monday (10 days ago). After installing it I had to restart it half a dozen times to get it to work, but finally it did. All was well, until today. Today it absolutely WILL NOT connect to Xfinity.

I’ve checked the cable connections, and rebooted it a dozen times. I’ve even replaced my HDMI cable as a last ditch effort. No go. It goes through its start up routine and ends up on a screen that says

Sorry, there seems to be some trouble

Please tighten your cable connections and then restart your TV
Box. This can often fix common issues.

[Restart]  (button)

(!) RDK-03004

Obviously since following these steps a dozen times has had no effect, none of those things are the problem – at least not inside the house. The remote restart from the Xfinity web page wouldn’t even work – it said my cable box couldn’t be reached and gave me the same steps above to try.

After searching around here I have come to the conclusion that the problem is a weak signal and it pretty much has to be the incoming cable. The incoming coax must go through a splitter outside because there are 3 rooms with cable connections in the house. The living room where the cable box is, the basement room where the Xfinity WiFi gateway is, and the family room where there is nothing connected.

I’m thinking at this point it is time to call a technician out here to figure out why my signal is so weak. Unless someone here can give me another idea of something else to try before scheduling a tech to come visit. Of course that is a major undertaking in and of itself. Getting an actual person to help is virtually impossible these days.

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