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Fri, Jul 17, 2020 11:00 PM

Qvc hijacks channels

QVC hijacking channels





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@Phoozba wrote:
QVC hijacking channels

I would like to assist in figuring out this often given problem, if you are willing. does this happen on all of the TVs in your home? To really diagnose this, need a simple setup to test. how is the set top box connected to the TV that has this problem? what cable channel is this QVC channel on your cable TV lineup? is the QVC channel on broadcast TV in your area? 

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I too have been having the QVC takeover It is channel 11

It started about 6 months ago

It went away for a couple weeks and tonight it is happening

I even went to the parental controls and blocked the channel but it still happens

Turned of the tv reset the box etc

It is annoying .


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We are having the same problem.  It's been happening for months & it is very annoying.  Doing a restart helps for a while, then it starts again.  Can't Comcast figure out why so many of us have this problem?

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