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Tue, Apr 12, 2022 10:05 PM

Picture freezing

For several weeks now, my picture has been regularly freezing up no matter what channel I'm on.

At first, the freeze would last for 15-20 seconds, and then the show would resume.

Now, it's starting to freeze and will stay that way for hours. When that happens, my remote control

is not usable at all.

The only way to resolve the situation at that point, is to unplug the cable box.

Doing that fixes the problem, but since I have to do that every day or so, my guide is constantly 

erased, so I never know what's on TV. Everything is "To Be Announced" until, in a day or so, the 

picture freezes again and the whole process starts again.

When I call customer service, all that happens is the phone employee gets extraordinarily excited, 

shouting that this is very, very good news for me! 

Because I can get internet service for just (insert some amount of money I'm not interested in giving

a company that already isn't delivering one service reliably).

If we can get my TV working reliably, I'm more than willing to have a conversation about additional

services, but I will not invest $0.01 more in a company that isn't delivering what I'm paying for already

and demonstrates little interest in fixing that.

Please help me get in touch with an employee who can help to fix this issue.

Thank you.

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6 m ago

Hi, @user_cf227a, thank you so very much for taking time out of your day to share this post here in the forums. 

I truly apologize for all the difficulty you've experienced with the TV box freezing so frequently, and for the lack of a solution when you did finally reach us. 

Please rest assured, you have come to just the right team for help to correct the problem once and for all. 

It sounds like there may be an equipment issue, but may I know about how long you've had this particular box in use? 




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@XfinityLayla​ Thank you for reaching out.

I'm not certain how old the cable box is, but my best guess is that I've had it for about 

ten years.



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5 m ago

This has also been an ongoing issue with me since March 24th.   I have spoken to Xfinity representatives 21 times as of yesterday and my issues is still ongoing.. They have sent three (3) technicians out to my house and the issue is still happening. When you finally get to speak with someone, they have you repeat the same information to them that you have previously give them.  Each rep says that they will notate my account so that I wont have to go through the same thing.  They tell you that they will escalate to a higher tech and will run test and contact you via text within two to three hours.  They send you a text stating our processes have completed and your Xfinity service should be restored.  Please reply Y to confirm that your service is restored or N to proceed with scheduling a technician visit..  I send a N response.  They call and repeat the same process over again.  The last call I received from them was yesterday morning stating that they see I was having issues with my tv and wanted to know what the issue was that I was having.  I just hung up the phone.  You would think speaking with someone 21 times, they should know what the issue is. I am so frustrated with Xfinity.  I am at the point where I want to look into other service providers.



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9 d ago

I am having this same problem!  They had me bring in  the  box and replaced it with  a new one.  It is happening with the new box also.   When I call, they try the same fix tht I have done in the Xfinity app already, send a signal to the box.  This only fixes the problem unitl I turn the tv off.  The next time I turn it on, the picture  freezes again.  I am sofrstrated, I dread calling them again, I need  technician to come out and fix this. 

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Hi, @user_348c71. I see you are having similar issues, and we will be glad to help. The issue in this post first occurred nearly 5 months ago, so this may be separate issue entirely. I would recommend creating your own post regarding the situation, so we can provide more individual help as it pertains to your specific situation. Thanks. 

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