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Mon, Aug 3, 2020 3:00 PM

Philly Pass missing from the X1 Sports Gold app.

I signed up for the Philly Pass, the out of market App that offers access to pre and post game show soft the Philly teams.

It's there on the web site 

It's there on the app and there on the Appletv version of the app but no where to be found on the NBC Sports Gold X1 app.


I saw it there a few months ago but now it isn't one of the choices.


Support is clueless. They think I'm asking questions about the Xbox 1.



Anyone out there see it on the X1?


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8 m ago

Blazers Pass is also missing. I can't access any of the Blazer games on Xfinity Flex via NBC Sports Gold app.  This needs to be updated soon please.  It does work on my android phone, but clearly xfinity doesn't support this app correctly.

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