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Sunday, December 18th, 2022 1:21 PM


No 4k/uhd/HD Output TV detection

Ever since around Thanksgiving they did an update I was out of internet service for about 5 days since that update my Flex TV box has not been in 4k output video resolution underneath my TV it says undetected how do you get the flex box to detect your TV before the update it was in 4k mode and used a lot of data therefore I switch to the largest package because I got two boxes and now I hardly use any data because it's not 4K does anybody else having an issue of being undetected TV option video output resolution they don't let you post a picture here I would post a little picture showing it under the current video settings it's got HD system compatibility the flex it says XiOne and my TV is undetected HOW CAN I GET IT TO DETECT A TV/PROJECTOR/XBOX/LAPTOP CASTING. And also my audio and expert mode is not functioning properly either for my 9.2 surround sound it used to be in 4k mode until the update the audio used to work until the update I've tried everything that there is I got 15 HDMI cables I've tried it on other systems it is not detecting a TV I also have the ethernet hooked up to try and better the service I can talk into the remote tell it to do whatever sometimes it works but it picks up on other phrases such as 4K output resolution it will tell me no cameras hooked up or it will give me a 4K viewing of a coral reef sometimes it don't do anything



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9 months ago

Hey there @user_31b408. This is certainly not the experience we want for our valued members. I understand the importance of being able to watch all of your content in 4k and enjoy the experience of the setup that you have there. I'm so sorry this has happened. Did you still need assistance with this?




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@XfinityDevinC​ yes I still need assistance and trust me when I said I've done everything I've done everything to try and get this anywhere from splitting my networks up from 2.4 G 5G and 6G to unplugging everything changing my passwords everything and it's still will not detect TVs or cast or whatever projectors I recently ran into a problem with mobile Department I placed an order for Google 7 pixel Pro and got a tablet a second line and I was going to get a third phone but within 12 hours email was sent my order was canceled when it said I had 72 hours I don't know if it's the hackers that were playing around through the 2fa stuff and getting people's information passwords or whatever and changing programs but I believe you better get some emails sent out on that because I see a lawsuit coming real quick because of no notifications to people that this has happened and I wanted the iPad 9th generation to be here for somebody's Christmas present but now I have to pay again which already paid $140 and my bank is not showing that they sent it back so I feel this is not my problem and I should not have to pay for this again for a cancellation of less than 12 hours when an email said I had 72 hours to confirm everything

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I would be happy to look into that issue from here for you. Could you send me a direct message with the full name and complete address for your service? 

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