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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 3:12 AM

New remotes

I do not like the new remotes. My elderly parents have a hard time with the buttons. The new remotes are NOT user friendly. Wish I could continue to use old ones with new box. 



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1 m ago

You can use older remotes. They probably have the XR15, which is the small black one that is almost perfectly flat. You might be able to get the older XR11 at a Comcast store or even online. If you don't mind giving up voice, you can also use the XR2. All of the above support RF pairing so you don't have to aim the remote.

You can even use the older silver and gray remotes, but may need to reprogram them to the proper cable box code (1982). Those are IR only and will need to be carefully aimed.

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