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Thu, Apr 9, 2020 1:00 PM


New DVR--i think are now only cloud?

So about 3 weeks our set top box dvr stopped working, They gave us a new one.
I know there was a limit on how what is on cloud and what is local.  I got the box swapped and it seems like now its only cloud no more local dvr.  so i went from like 200 hours to 60?

when we login to the dvr it says we are at 20% percent.  is there a way to move it to local storage or there is no more local storage on these x1 boxes or did the old dude at the store give me the wrong thing.


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2 y ago

What model do you have? Only you know. Whatever was on the old dvr, only access to the last 60 hours from the old will show and everything you record now one of those hours will drop with new recordings



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2 y ago

adding.... (personal experience) watch as fast as you can the older cloud only recordings as they will delete automatically as new recordings are added and you won't have a copy at home for the recordings that were on the returned DVR.

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