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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 10:26 PM

New Customer - Suggestions for User Interface Improvements

Hello.  I'm a new user on Xfinity and I've been using a competitor's service for a while.  As a new user, I'm still finding my way around a bit, but I've noticed a few things that could really use some improvements.  So I wanted to offer some suggestions on ways to seriously improve the user-friendliness of the Xfinity interface...

1. Give me a way o view only the channels to which I am subscribed!!!!  My goodness, I'm trying to set up my favorites list (see below) and I'm constantly having to select a channel and see if it gives me a message that I'm not subscribed before I add it to my favorites.  If I click on Guid twice, I can select all sorts of different Guide views, but even when I select the, "Free to me" view it apparently includes channels that I can't watch!  Why would anyone want to always have to scroll through channels that they can't watch?  Please add a way to filter out unsubscribed channels.

2. For the love of all that is good, make it easier to add/remove favorite channels!  Click the Guide button, click the left button to highlight the channel, click the select button, scroll to the right a few times to highlight the Favorite option, select it.  Then, before you can add your next favorite, you have to leave the submenu and scroll down to the next channel.  With AT&T, I can go to an "Edit Favorites" option and I'm presented with a list of all the channels to which I'm subscribed and there's a check box next to each one.  I simply scroll to a channel (or enter it's number) and click one button to check or uncheck it.  Simple.

3. Add the ability to support multiple favorites lists.  Why am I limited to one favorites list?  Your competitors allow me to have a favorites list for each member of the household.

4. Indicate which channels are HD and which aren't.  Yes, if I select a non-HD channel, it switches me to the HD channel, instead.  But as I'm setting up schedules or favorites, this makes life more difficult.  With AT&T it was simple... If the channel was numbered 1,001 or higher, it was HD.  So channel 2 was my local TV channel 2 (in my case, FOX) and channel 1002 was the same channel, but in HD.  It was easy to scroll through all my HD channels and know they were HD.

5. Add a channel preview window to the guide.  A lot of your competitors have this feature.  Frankly, I was surprised to see that you don't have it.  When I'm scrolling through the guide, show a small pop-up window that displays whatever the selected channel is airing at the time.  (See #2 above.  This could even be enough to tell you if you're subscribed to the channel!  Kill 2 birds with one stone.)


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2 m ago

Wow! You have some wonderful suggestions @user_57cf67. Thank you for sharing with the community. I understand you are new to Comcast, so I will try my best to provide some features you may not have noticed. You can always view your channel lineup using the My Account App. Although this might not be ideal for you, you will have a list to compare. If you have not downloaded the app this link will help https://comca.st/3uvstl4


You can turn off the auto tune to HD by going to settings. Once you are in setting scroll down to preferences. Click general under preferences. Under preferences you will see a tab “Pref Best Available Resolution”. Turn off that option. Once you have turned that option off your system will no longer switch automatically to HD.


I will be sure to pass along your suggestions regarding the favorites option. This link might provide you with some additional information and make the process a little easier https://comca.st/3kYMrle. Once again, we do appreciate all of the suggestions. Thank you for choosing Comcast!  

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