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Tue, May 11, 2021 2:50 AM

New box for DVR service

Might be a silly question but if I upgraded my service to have DVR (never had it before) should I have gotten a new cable box for my main TV?  I went into an xfinity store to exchange my second/bedroom cake box that wasn't working.  I inquired about getting internet service and DVR.  I upgraded to have both.  I was given the large modem/router for the internet and a new box for my bedroom along with one new remote.  I was not given a new box for the living room.  The box I have is several years old.  I was given no instructions other than to download the app.  The app recognizes a new second box but of course the main box is the same one.  


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Hello, @KathyW_newbie. Thank you for your message about what happened when you swapped out equipment. This link shows our different styles of cable boxes, https://comca.st/3bjnKKY. The pictures make it easy to locate the model you have. Which model is your main TV box?

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