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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 6:21 PM


Need to replace the x1 4k DVR box

Hi xfinity.

Have been a long time customer with overall good performance for years.

Yesterday, noticed the cable channels were beginning to cut out. Basically for HD channels the image is stuttering at times, with pixelations, audio cutouts randomly. This occurs with

all the channels, HD mostly. There are absolutely no issues when using the streaming services from the x1 dvr box. Amazon prime, HBO, etc.. run perfectly from the box. Only issue is the actual cable channels.

I have checked the signal, says good. Did the typical refresh, restart, removing coaxial cable, removing HDMI, nothing has helped.

Nothing has changed at all in my set up.

I have noticed the box seems very warm to the right side where the cable connects. My strong suspicion is the cable box is failing.

I'm hoping xfinity support will be able to ship me a new box to try and resolve the issue.

Please let me know... I have had no luck being able to reach a chat agent.. It says "connecting to chat agent" but I've waiting hours and the chat is not connecting me.

thanks much!


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1 year ago

Well, just to update everyone. The pixelation issues have resolved. So likely this was on Comcast end (thanks replying Comcast btw!) lol

One thing to note, I did change the 4k box to output at 720p from what I had originally set as "best possible, 1080p", and let the tv do the upscaling (this is a plasma vt60 1080p tv)

Much improved picture quality overall. As I understand broadcast tv from Comcast is set at 720p anyways...the TV upscaling is far superior.

The only annoying thing is that for streaming services then I would not be able to take advantage of higher resolution without having to change settings depending on what I

am watching.

So the look for streaming box is now ongoing... Debating the Roku vs the Fire Stick, would appreciate any suggestions.



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@user_2c918c I am happy to hear the TV pixelation has been resolved. 

I appreciate your time today and being part of the Comcast team. Have a great day!

I no longer work for Comcast.

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