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Sat, Feb 1, 2020 6:00 PM

Mini cable box stopped working when I removed X1 dvr from basement tv

Hoping to get some help , I have 2 boxes on 2 TVs and have been getting the basement TV set up on x stream though my Fire stock , that part went great.

so the trouble started when I disconnected the X1 dvr box from that same basement tv ( since I no longer need it ) . Set up to return equipment on the xfinity site . Then when the wife goes to watch the upstairs tv which does use a mini xfinyty cable box no good won’t connect.

trying to figure if it’s a wiring issue or a setting( primary box) , or maybe I have to keep the DVR and return the mini box ? Any help would be appreciated 



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1 y ago

Yes the mini box feeds off the dvr. You can either keep the dvr, and return the mini box or you can return both and pick up an XG2 which functions independently

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