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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 6:00 PM

Live TV repeating a few seconds

I have noticed about every 10-15 minutes, whatever program I am watching I get a couple of seconds repeated. At first I thought it was a newscaster repeating themselves but then noticed it on lots of programs where 3-4 words get repeated like the live program jumped back a few seconds and started again



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8 m ago

Welcome to the forums @Showell1 I had this issue, its usually caused by the firmware being corrupt per what a technician told me when I asked what could be causing it. Best thing you can do is have a box swap. I am just stating what I was told by an Xfinity Authorized Contractor. You can also try a system refresh to see if that changes anyhthing. You can get the box swapped the fastest via a visit to your local Xfinity Store. Hope this helps.

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