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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 9:00 AM

Live TV recording erased

A recent (?) update has changed the behavior of the way Live TV recordings are handled. It used to be, when I first turned the TV on in the morning, there would be "pre-recording" on the channel the cable box was tuned to which would allow me to rewind Live TV as much as 60 minutes.  This is no longer the case.  Now, there is no pre-recording.  Also, it used to be that I could watch one of my DVR recordings or a show on Netflix and, when I came back, there would be up to 60 minutes of pre-recording on the channel that the cable box was tuned to. Now, all of the pre-recording is erased as soon as I switch to a recording or Netflix.  I have also experienced cases where I paused Live TV while I was busy with something else and, when I came back, the show was no longer paused and the pre-recording was erased. Why was this behavior changed? (BTW, the HDMI-CEC option is turned OFF).


Update - I tried pressing the "Power" button on the remote this morning while blocking the IR (so the TV wouldn't turn on) and, when I checked about a half-hour later, I saw that the recording started when I pressed the "Power" button so the TV doesn't need to be on (further supporting the theory that HDMI-CEC has nothing to do with it).




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For what it's worth, same issue here. I'm thinking about going back to TiVo because of this.


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Old thread but you can just set a recording for that channel you wake up to and you can rewind live TV. I do a series recording for the news I watch when I wake up.

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