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Sun, Dec 6, 2020 3:00 PM

Issue with remote working with tv

On two different tvs I have lately had issues controlling volume on one, and everything else on the other. I tried rebooting more or less everything. Then I tried re pairing the remotes. I can't do it. I get through the initial screen, but then can't get it to load my tv brand. It's not because my brand is weird. It's because if you try to identify an tv that starts wtih a letter other than "A" it jusb says "loading": but doesn't load. I think there is something wrong with my DVR. I suppose it could be my cable modem, but internet works fine, so I suspect the DVR, which seems a little sick. The reboot light is faint, it makes more noise than it used to etc. What do others with more expertise have to say? Xfinity support couldn't help, they had me try a few different pairing codes, reboot all the cable boxes, try 4 different remotes, etc. That was all stuff I had already tried. 



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6 m ago

Your cable boxes have nothing to do with your remotes and your tv
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