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Mon, Aug 5, 2019 9:00 AM

Is the reason smart resume is not a one button click to skip commercials due to patent workaround?

On my tivo I can click one button to skip commercials.  On X1 I have to click fast forward five times and wait for smart resume to stop.  This is inferior in two ways:


1) Takes longer to fast forward vs skip

2) Requires 5 button clicks vs 1 click on Tivo


Is the reason we cannot get one button skip due to patent issues now and is this simply a workaround?  If it is a patent issue how much time remains on the patent from Tivo where we might see this feature?


I might suggest Comcast just buys Tivo for their patent portfolio so they can implement all the features they have been omitting due to patents.  I noticed I cannot set season passes on the Xfinity app online also a patent issue I'm told.

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2 y ago

marcNJ, this is a pretty good idea! Thanks for your feedback! I'll send this to my leadership!

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