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Fri, Oct 22, 2021 9:48 PM


Help with Hulu app on X1 box

I am beyond frustrated with the Hulu app on the X1 box. Shows that I add to My Stuff do not show up on the app. I have the same Hulu app on my iphone and on Roku and it works perfectly on both.  Just not on the X1 box.  I am starting a new thread since the thread I started on AUGUST 15th has only led to various Comcast employees wanting to troubleshoot.  I have done every troubleshooting suggestion given to me by Comcast AND by Hulu.  In the former thread - THREE Comcast employees have said that this is a KNOWN issue - yet over two months later - there is no resolution.  I am not sure whether the problem lies with the Hulu team or the Comcast team or both.  Many other users responded to the thread I started in August - it is NOT a user problem - it is a Comcast and Hulu problem.  PLEASE fix it.  Thank you.

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