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Fri, Jun 11, 2021 1:42 AM

HBO Max is broken

Every time I try to watch HBO max on my tv I get a black screen. I try a hard reset and a channel refresh every day with the same results. NOTHING!! This has been going on for several weeks. 

Before the black screen issue- I could get to the app and chose a show but it just kept looping to a “for more information “ page about different shows.

xfinity!! We pay a lot of money for this app. It’s so frustrating that it’s continuously unusable 

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1 m ago

I had the same problem. Try this:

This is the super easy fix - Seems to be happening when you change your password in your HBO/MAX account,
then try to connect through Xfinity / hbo/max app. and go from purple screen/hbo-max to black screen insead of

giving you your code number to enter on the hbo/max web page. After cleaning cookies & Local Storage Data in

Xfinity settings, Xfinity will now be able to see your new "password" instead of the previous one.
You can try this fix method for other glitches you can't fix - even if you don't get the black screen.

1.  Press the "Xfinity" button (on your remote)
2.  Click on "Settings" (Gear Icon)
3.  Click on & scroll to "Privacy"
4.  Click on "Clear Cookies and Local Storage Data" 

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