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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 6:00 PM

Have about a dozen channels that the picture has all of a sudden began tiling and audio skipping

We live in Elwood Indiana and have noticed for the past week that we have been having issues with at least a dozen different channels tiling and the audio skipping on them such as pop, ion, and hallmark, also noticed our internet lagging as well.  Several people on Facebook in the Elwood area have also been commenting on the same issues so I have to believe the problem is definately on Xfinities side. Has anyone gotten any insight on what the problem is and how long we can expect it to continue? Things we have done several times complete system refresh, hard resets on the equipment checked our connections all are tight. ran outage check which showes no outages or problems. When we run the diagnostic test on our system sometimes it will come back as issues detected then 30 seconds later it will report that everything is fine. since it affects all boxs in our house I can only feel that it is a issue on Xfinities side Has anyone else been experiancing this and gotten an honest factual response from Xfinity as to what is actually going on?





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1 y ago

Generally speaking the tiling and signal issues are a cause of interference. I had this issue for a long time until we finally got a higher level tech who was both residental, buisness and an Xfinity home tech. He didnt leave until the issue was solved to the best of his abilities. He replaced our drop line and completely redid the service entry box , he later discovered the biggest cause of our issues was a corroded splitter. Now, I know this doesn't particulary correlate to your issue, but it sounds like an signal issue with your service or within your area. Do be sure that your cable ground outside your home is tight, meaning not being able to loosen it with your fingers. Also, are any of your boxes on a splitter? If so, try removing the splitters from the situation by connecting the line coming from either your wall or floor, or if you have a wall jack for coaxial cable, connect it to that and see if that makes any difference. Be certain that you are using good quality cable, sometimes the Comcast provided cabling isn't always the best.
You can also try a system refresh or a restart.

If you still have issues, you'll need a technician visit.

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