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Wed, Jul 1, 2020 9:00 AM

error rdk 03033

I see on this forum, as well as many social media platforms,    many people are experiencing countless incidents of the error RDK 03033, locking up the ability to change channels or accomplish any other thing with the x1 box.  I received my first x1 box in December 2019, and have this error occuring frequently and without any recourse.  I have used comcast for 11 years, and the old box worked just fine.  none of these errors until Dec. 2019 when I received and installed this new x1 and this error is ongoing since, almost daily.   

I have contacted Comcast by numerous calls, texts, emails regarding this issue, RDk 03033.  I have been told: 1) outage in your area 2) we cant connect with your box 3) we have resolved the problem in your area  4) we have sent a signal to your box 5) We  are resetting your box .  And those are only the responses I can remember.  I will be taking this as far as I can.  including board of directors,  fcc, or anyone else I can think of.


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