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DVR start time, end time, and Smart Resume are all off

This has clearly been a known issue for a long time, but I have yet to see a solution. Every recording starts and ends about a minute early. This is very annoying when you lose the end of a show. Being a minute off on Smart Resume is even worse. It always resumes with about two commercials (or half a drug ad) left to play. This started well over a year ago, and there are dozens of complaints about it on here over the last couple of years. Resetting the DVR, turning Smart Resume, and any other solution suggested in forums did nothing. Telling people to send a direct message and then not following up in the forum makes the forum pointless. There is no way this is not a well known issue, so please fix it or tell us how to fix it.

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7 months ago

Good Evening @LizardOfOz we appreciate you taking the time to reach out on our Forums and relaying your experience. There is a know issue with Smart Resume being affected on certain DVR recordings, and we do ask for a 1-1 conversation as there is account-specific information we ask for when escalating this that cannot be provided publicly.  This includes specific device make/model/serial info and program titles, dates, season/episode timestamps issues occur, etc. If you have logs of this info, please reach us 1-1 so we cna grab that from you and create a ticket specifc to your account. 



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5 months ago

I have the same issue. Searched all settings and no way to auto-stop recordings more than a minute late. I manually adjust to 3-minutes. I wish Xfinity would acknowledge and fix this issue. A simple addition in settings to automatically extend all recordings by a set number of minutes would work. 

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2 months ago

worthless! no answer to the same question over and over

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Hello @user_5nyjg9! I would love to assist you with any service issues that you may be having. Are you experiencing issues with your DVR recordings? 

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