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Wed, Jul 6, 2022 11:45 PM

DVR recordings

Recently, only recently, my saved recordings on my DVR have been "self-deleting".  They are not expired.  They are relatively new recordings.  This has happened several times.  On a couple of occasions a recorded show that I was watching was deleted.  I have X1 service. 

Numerous people have had the same issue.  The response from Comcast has been poor at best.  Fix the issue or refund the money I am paying for DVR service.

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3 m ago

Welcome to our community forum, @bkdrake! I love recording my favorite content to watch it whenever I have time so I'd be upset if it was disappearing! Do you know if you have your recordings set to save for one year or save until space is needed? You can read more here.




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2 m ago

Happens to me too. I have about 80-90 saved movies so sometimes I don't notice but it just seems that some of them randomly disappear. Just lost Woodstock which I waited so long to get a chance to record and just checked today and it is gone. Had all 3 Godfather movies recorded but when I checked a couple weeks ago Godfather II was gone. Not always going at the bottom of the list, those two were in the middle. Just part of the deal I guess

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