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Sat, Feb 22, 2020 11:00 AM

DVR Recordings Lost

I lost 25+ recordings from my DVR. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with a tech (actually 3 techs), and had a tech in my house for almost 2 hours. Don't really know what happened, but got some garbage about  making room for scheduled recordings, but I only had an hour's worth of recordings scheduled for that evening, so why would it erase 25+ recordings. None of the recordings were over a year old. Then they intimated that a software update was done that corrected people who had been given 60 hours per device instead of 60 hours total. I don't know if I am in that camp or not. BUT, I know I certainly didn't receive any notification that some of my recordings might be wiped out, and certainly isn't my fault if they made a mistake. Bottomline, nothing was was fixed. I called to get a credit since I lost recordings that are not on demand, so now if I want to watch them I have to pay for them. This is NOT the service I signed up for. They said they could give me a $20 credit. Really? Gee, thanks. I told them I will likely cancel my service, but apparently, even though I've had Xfinity for 5 years, when I moved last year I got put on a two year agreement, so it will cost me over $100 to cancel. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE MEANS.


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