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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 3:00 AM


DVR FF function changed?!

This morning (April 😎 I have seen a tremendous (and strange) new behavior when I fast forward a show that I am watching from the rolling hour recorded all the time.


Specifically, Hallmark channel - I turned on the TV and then "backed up" to be able to watch a couple of episodes of Frasier. First differene - it seems the "rollling hour" is now two hours long, which is a nice thing, actually.


However, the weird behavior is that when I hit FF in order to skip commercials, what actually plays back starts about 5 minutes before the moment that I hit the FF button. In other words, when doing the FF, it "skips backwards" about 5 minutes - and then, when I pass through the commercials themselves, I discovered that I nave to "overshoot" the end of the commercial segment by what seems to be a few minutes worth of programming so that when i hit the Play button it starts playback at the tail end of the commercial break I was trying to skip through.


I'm guessing this is thanks to some glitch in the latest firmware upgrade - not sure anyone else has noticed it.

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