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Mon, Nov 16, 2020 2:00 PM

Does Streaming via NetFlix, Amazon, count towards bandwidth usage?

A while back, Comast introduced monthly limits on free Internet usage, started at 1TB and I think it's now 1.2TB.  This was obviously a move to dissuade people from using other TV/Movie streaming services and only using Comcast for their Internet connection as you'd probably exceed your limit if you watched TV and Movies solely from a 3rd party device/service.


My question is, when you use the built-in streaming apps on the X1, as opposed to a different device connected to your Xfinity WiFi, does that streaming count against your bandwidth limit?


If not, I can see even more reason for people to demand from Comcast that they hurry up on adding the Disney+ app to the X1.




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6 m ago

Yes it does. ANY internet app will count

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