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Tue, Nov 26, 2019 7:00 AM

Do I need a physical box anymore?

Today I returned two boxes that I had in my bedrooms that I never used because I have the Xfinity streaming beta app which works awesome . My question is can I get rid of my main one in my living room as well it’s the XG1v4-A my living room tv also has the app As well . I’m guessing my recorded shows are saved on Comcast servers because I unplugged the box and that function still worked on the app . So I’m Guessing the hard drive inside of the box is disabled so can I return this box as well? I noticed when i did activate the apps it said I would see on my bill as I’m using customer owned equipment if do use it as my main box so technically I can then right?

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1 y ago

Technically, yes you can. But as noted, you will lose some benefits in doing so.

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The xg1v4 does use its hard drive and will have more/longer storage than you get in the cloud.  It will also provide surround sound where your cloud recordings are only stereo but that won't matter unless you have external speakers.    Whether you save money by returning your last device may depend on your contract/packages.  I think some of the packages include the first box in the package price and some don't.




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@CCAndrew wrote:
Technically, yes you can. But as noted, you will lose some benefits in doing so.

currently with one x1 set top box in home you can have 5 streams at one time. without a set top box you can have 20 hours or 60 hours only of DVR (depends on plan) and only 2 streams at same time.

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