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Sun, Sep 26, 2021 7:01 AM

Discovery Plus on X1

Is Discovery Plus still actually coming to X1? In April, when Discovery Plus announced that it was available on Flex, they said it would be available on X1 in the coming weeks (https://press.discoveryplus.com/uncategorized/discovery-launches-on-xfinity-flex-and-soon-on-x1/). When Comcast announced it in April, they said it was coming soon to X1. I could not find any update or mention of it since early April. My guess is some issue came up in development or something (since six months is definitely not "in the coming weeks" and I think it's probably too long to be called "soon" as well), but even if they are unwilling or unable to give a reason for the delay, it would be nice if Comcast at least told customers that there has been a delay. Is there an expected release date or even just a ballpark estimate? If not, is there any info about why there has been a significant delay for its release on X1?


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1 m ago

It's all about the $$$. Plus, the upcoming merger with WarnerMedia (when spun off from AT&T) may be messing up negotiations.

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Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us regarding Discovery+. Please know that we are working to get this app added to our X1 services. Right now we do have discovery+ available through our Xfinity Flex services. You can find more information through this link https://comca.st/3AP2PdA on the Flex services if you are interested. Please know that we are just as anxious as you are to get this app available through our X1 devices and are continuing to ensure that we have this available as soon as possible. 

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