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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 4:00 PM

Disappointed in latest X1 cable box

We just were forced to upgrade our X1 "cable box" in order to support "CBS all access" and other recent apps.


Here are my issues:


1) the fan on the new box is noticably louder than the previous (~4yo) box.  It is very distracting in a small quiet room.


2) the box is just as slow and laggy as the old box, moving between menus, scrolling across selections is painful. I really expected a (generational) improvement in performance after 4 years.


3) the direction arrows on the new remote are terrible,  very hard to activate.  I wish we had the old remote.


4) The Peacock app is just as slow as it was on the previous generation X1 box.  Compared to the Android app,  the X1 app is awful.


Really dissapointing.



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3 m ago

Hi @dorkshoei, I am sorry to hear the new cable box has not improved your entertainment experience. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and I will be sure to pass it along. I would like to make sure the new box is not defective based on the information you provided. Can you send me a private message with your full name and service address? 


To send a private message click my username "ComcastAnna" and the select "Send Message" from the dropdown. 

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1 m ago

It turned out the upgrade we received (I believe a Pace XG1) was not the latest style of DVR.    It also had the issues identified above.

We just updated again to the new 4K DVR (Arris XG1v4 ) and this unit has no background fan noise and is considerably faster.

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