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Correct TV Box needed


I have (2)LG 4k televisions, and am in need of two wireless receivers. I have no RG6 cable installed in the home, which is why I need wireless. I have Xfinity internet installed, and want to put a TV box alongside my Xfinity gateway internet receiver, (located in the closet) and stream wireless to my to LG TVs. 

I have been sent:

(1) XG1v4-A

(1) AX013ANM

(2) Xid-P

Will any of these work for my situation?

Thank you

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3 months ago

@user_70a104, Thank you for reaching out through Xfinity Forums with your question about our 4K wireless boxes. The boxes you listed will not work. The box you need is our Xi6 4K Wireless cable box. Due to limited supply, we do require that you have a 4K TV, but you meet that requirement. If you send us a DM with your name and full address, we can get that shipped to you. 

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