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Wed, May 26, 2021 9:40 PM

Cannot recover deleted recordings after all deleted

I recorded two shows using the xfinity stream app (cloud DVR, I do not have an X1 box). I watched the first one and deleted it at the end when prompted. I was then able to go to Deleted Recordings and Recover it.  About a week later I watched that recording again, and deleted it when prompted. I watched the second recording and deleted it when prompted. The when I went to Recordings, it said "You have no completed recordings ...yet." and there was no "Deleted Recordings" entry on the page for recovering the two deleted recordings. This was immediately after I deleted the second one. I thought I would have 24 hours to recover a recording it I wanted to. This is not an immediate problem, I have watched those two anyway and I don't need to recover them, but I want to know for future reference whether sometimes deleted recordings disappear immediately and cannot be recovered.


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4 m ago

Hi there! We would be happy to assist you. Can you initiate a chat and start with your full name and address? To start a chat, please click the chat icon in the top right of the page! Search for Xfinity Support, if needed. Talk to you there! 

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