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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 6:33 PM

Cannot activate new X1 box due to XRE-03007 error

I'm having an issue getting my XG1v4 DVR box to activate, so far two chat sessions have failed to remedy the situation and I've spent 3+ hours with them and countless reboots to get it working to no avail.

Triple Play was ordered on Mon 11/29/21.  Picked up XG1v4 box from local Xfinity store.  Started with my own data/voice modem, could not self activate.  Chatted with tech support and they were able to manually activate on their end and get both internet and phone service up and running without too much difficulty.  Tried plugging in first XG1v4 box which was a brick, wouldn't get past the first Welcome screen before rebooting and trying again and again and again.

Swapped out that box on 12/1 for another XG1v4 box at the store.  Brought it home, it powered on and got much farther along, asked for acct phone #, downloaded some updates, a couple reboots, set up the remote, named the box, then got stuck at a screen telling me "Something's not quite right, visit My Account on your Xfinity app".  It also gives an error code XRE-03007.  Chatted with tech support and they tried a few things, told me it was an issue on their end.  After about 30 minutes I was told it needed "to be escalated" and that I should unplug box for 40 minutes and then try again.  Did just that, same result.  Tried another chat later in the evening, again they looked a few things but couldn't do anything but offer to send a tech out.

Just wondering if there is anything else I can try on my end before I have a tech come out on Friday?  I don't believe there is any issue on my end with signal or wiring.

Also as soon as I got the second box plugged in and sort of activated, a slew of scheduled and existing recordings showed up in my Xfinity Steam app.  These seem to be from the last user of this box, is it possible this box is still tied somehow to another person's account and screwing things up/not activating properly?

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2 m ago

Hey there, happy to look into this for you. Please send over a DM to XFINITY SUPPORT with your name and address.

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