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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 5:00 AM

Can we add a second DVR to X1

I got new X1 service in June of this year and we 1 cloud based DVR and 2 'companion' wireless set top boxes.

I'd like to increase my storage capacity  - I'm already paying up ($10/mo) for the 'added cloud capacity', so I think I am maxxed out with what I have.

If I understand correctly, the only way  to increase DVR storage is to add a second DVR to my X1 service - but when I called to do that, I was told that isn't possible.

I would like to add a second DVR and have it 'feed' the existing cloud storage...

Is this possible ?


Thanks in advance!



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7 m ago

It used to be but that recently changed. You can get another dvr but it won’t increase your storage capacity

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