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Wed, Mar 25, 2020 8:00 PM

can i hook the xfinity x1 tv box to a tube tv?


We just upgraded to 140+ channels & were sent a new X1 TV set box that I want to use on an old CRT tube TV.  Have completed the setup process and cannot get any channels below #187 (Hallmark).  In otherwords no ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, SYFY, etc.  Have refreshed & restarted the X1, no help.

We are receiving gobs of channels above 187, starting with 666 (QVC-2) going into the 1,000's - or I should say they appear in the guide.  Nothing below 187 appears in the TV Guide 😞


Also I tried to change the device settings for video from 16:9, 720P  HD to 4:3 480i SD & even tho it looks like it's working it does not & the X1 remains on 16:9, 720P HD.  Don't know if that matters or not but I certainly don't expect to revcieve HD channels on that TV.





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1 y ago

So, it didn't have anything to do with my old TV (kinda thought that).  Communicated with Comcast employee John via Chat & he found a "Service Pending" request or some such & got it resolved.

All good now.

thanks John 🙂

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